How to Dance in a Club |

How to Dance in a Club


You should always come prepared when going to the club. It is not enough that you have your voucher codes and promo codes to save money on drinks or table reservation. You should also bring your A-game to dancing in there. You have to have the right balance of cool and adventurous. You cannot be too timid in dancing which can make you look like someone who is just trying so hard to look good on the dance floor. But you should not give your all-out dance performance as well because you will make everyone else very awkward about what you are doing.

Here are great tips in dancing in a club:

Get your confidence on

The first thing that you need to do is to build up your confidence as you go to the dance floor. You know that you are good at dancing. And you just want to have fun with your friends while dancing. Nothing will go bad because you have prepared long and hard for this night. All it takes to make this event memorable is to go straight to the floor and believe that you can do it.

Listen to the beat

After you have gone to the floor, you have to listen to the beat and let it flow through your veins. Feel the movement and the rhythm as it runs from your ears to your mind and then to your hands and feet. You do not have to be a music wizard to know how to dance to the beat. But you do not want to look like someone without any harmony and coordination in your arms and feet.

If you cannot figure it out. You can look at other people dancing. Count their rhythm and movement. And do the same way.

Start moving with your hands

Take a deep breath and feel the beat on your fingers. Start tapping on your lap. Once you got the beat, start moving with your hands. You can snap your fingers just to get the hang of it. Then, you can move your legs and feet. Step to the left and then to the right. As you become comfortable on the dance floor, you will see yourself moving voluntarily and going with the music.